Sunday, March 16, 2014

Clover Balloon

Hey jammers!  My schedule really is going crazy, so posts may be a bit infrequent, my apologies.
Moving on, today's new item is the clover balloon!
If I'm not mistaken, this is a returning item, and one that I think really brings out the spirit of Lucky Day celebrations, don't you?

Also, you may notice that I added a break in the page.  This is inspired by the Animal Jam Spirit, because otherwise, I wouldn't even know that you could do that!  
Something odd that happened to me:  I was changing from my leprechaun arctic wolf to my regular bunny when my bunny started running in place!  Sadly I didn't get a screenshot, I was too distracted trying to figure out what was happening! 
On the Daily Explorer, we have an intriguing post about Greely and his status.

And today is Sharing Sunday!  Sharing Sunday is when you can send anything (such as art, poetry, stories, or something creative) to .  I'll then post all submissions later today.  If you want jammers to see your work but don't feel ready to have it published, you're welcome to post it in the comments as well.  See you in Jamaa!