Monday, March 3, 2014

Rare Blanket

Hey jammers!  Hopefully I'll be able to post everyday at a reasonable time, now that the weekends over!
Today's rare item, found on the third page of Jam Mart Clothing, is the rare blanket!
The colors are very flashy, and the blanket is very expensive!  Here's a little outfit I made using it:

What do you think? Should I make outfits for every new clothing item?
And just something odd:  I think I went on an empty server, because Jamaa was completely deserted!

Remember, if you spot something in Jamaa and want me to post it, send it to 
And just in case you wanted to know, here's how to make a rainbow potion in Brady's Lab!
1.  Click on the red potion three times.  The potion bottle should look like this:

2.  Then, add green three times.  Now, it should be this color:

3.  Do the same with blue.  Your potion should be this color:

4.  Finally, click on the fire three times.  Now, your potion should look like this:

After adding the potion to a bottle, the game should end, and a potion should appear next to you that changes color!
And finally, today is the first Malfunctioning Monday!  Malfunctioning Monday (I'm going to call it MM from now on) is when I post how to do a glitch on Animal Jam every Monday!  Most of the time, someone will have taught it to me or I will have found it online, so I will post my source.

How to Be An Ocean Animal On Land and Vice Versa
Source:  My knowledge 
Where:  Anywhere (I can only do it in oceans)

I am going to tell you how I do it, but with some adjustments you could do it anywhere! 

1.  First, go to the Deep Blue.

2.  Open the party tab.

3.  Click on the portal to Kani Cove and right before the screen begins to load, click on the party you would like to go to!  
This takes a lot of practice, but once you get it, it's so much fun!  Feel free to send pictures of the glitch to if you want them to be featured on the blog!  Today was not a good day for me and this glitch, so I sadly have not pictures.  See you in Jamaa!



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  2. Awesome glitch! I hope i can do it myself...