Saturday, May 31, 2014

Woven Hat

Hey guys!  Sorry for the absence of posts again, I'm really am trying!  
Well, today's new item is the woven hat!

I must say, I really love the summery theme of this item!
Now, on the subject of the adventures, I had multiple strange glitches (shown on my newest video, "Adventure Time" on my YouTube channel, Tallstar107 AJ).  My computer would not allow me to click on the treasure chests or on the decline/accept buttons unless I went to my desktop and back.  Also, strange apostrophes occoured in the place of zeros.
And, over on the Daily Explorer, Cosmo has made a new post about... koalas!
Head over to the Daily Explorer to read some interesting facts on these cuddly-looking creatures!
Now, today was supposed to be Scammer Saturday, but... drumroll please... I couldn't find any scammers!  On that happy note, I'll wrap up the post for today.  See ya in Jamaa!
P.S.  Anything you want to share with me?  Email me at
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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Buttercup Rug

Hey jammers!  Today's new item, as predicted by the adventures, is the buttercup rug!

Is is just me, or does this look similar to the daisy rug?
And today is Artist's Wednesday!  Send in Animal Jam themed artwork to, and it could be featured here tomorrrow!
And that wraps up today's post, sorry for how short it is.  See you in Jamaa!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Daisy Rug

Hey jammers!  Today's new item is the daisy rug!
Hehe, I'm guessing it's from the adventures, just like the previously released lily rug and the soon-to-be-released buttercup rug.
And, for today's Timely Tuesday, post at... 9 AM (Pacific Time).
Sorry for the short post jammers, that's all for now.  See ya in Jamaa!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Rare Moustache

Hey jammers!
Today's rare Monday item is the rare moustache!
I believe this has been previewed in the adventures, with credit to Snowyclaw's blog, The Animal Jam Spirit.
And, speaking of the adventures, I had forgotten to mention that, a week ago, I was playing the adventures for the second time in a row with a friend, and when we clicked on things, it had a delayed reaction!  It happened to both of us, and it kept going on and off at the same time!  Has this happened to anyone else?
And, over on the Daily Explorer, we have a post about the RIM and.... emperor tamarins?  Be sure to check it out!  
In addition, AJHQ seems to be having more trouble with grammar.
And I shall wrap up today's post with the leaving item, found in Jam Mart Furniture.  It is... the star rug!
Fare thee well, star rug, and shall we meet again.  Well, that's all for now, jammers!  See ya in Jamaa!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Lily Rug

Hey jammers!  I must apologize immensely for my lack of posts.  I lost my motive, but now, I want to go on.  Even if I don't post every day, I will try to post at least every other day.
Today's new item, found in Jam Mart Furniture, is the lily rug!
I must say, I really like this item!  It's so pretty :3
And now, to the adventures...  
I'm sure almost everyone now knows about these.  There are many different strategies.  For example, I think I spent half of my life figuring out where all the purple shards are, but now, I can get them.  MWAH HA HA! Other people prefer to collect the shards in order, and some even prefer to do it random.  All I can say is that each of these strategies are excellent!  I also like to have maybe one person look for one type of shards, and maybe each person take a separate direction too.  However, I usually leave it up the the host(ess).  What's your favorite strategy?
And, still on the topic of the adventures, have you heard about the time glitch?  Some people are lucky enough to have infinite time.  Yes, you heard me right, INFINITE TIME.  And, as my dear friend pink200330 told me, if you manage to click on the portal before Liza starts talking, you too will have INFINITE TIME.  And once, when I was playing, our time froze for a minute, but that's not as awesome as INFINITE TIME :P
And, over on the Daily Explorer, Graham has posted about... kangaroos and walking backwards.  Well, not quite, be sure to read their post, it's actually very informative about many things, including kangaroos and Graham's terrible grammar knowledge.
Now, since I have only just returned from the unknown, Story Saturday will be moved to tomorrow.  Feel free to send in stories or poems to
That's all for now jammers!  See ya in Jamaa!