Saturday, May 31, 2014

Woven Hat

Hey guys!  Sorry for the absence of posts again, I'm really am trying!  
Well, today's new item is the woven hat!

I must say, I really love the summery theme of this item!
Now, on the subject of the adventures, I had multiple strange glitches (shown on my newest video, "Adventure Time" on my YouTube channel, Tallstar107 AJ).  My computer would not allow me to click on the treasure chests or on the decline/accept buttons unless I went to my desktop and back.  Also, strange apostrophes occoured in the place of zeros.
And, over on the Daily Explorer, Cosmo has made a new post about... koalas!
Head over to the Daily Explorer to read some interesting facts on these cuddly-looking creatures!
Now, today was supposed to be Scammer Saturday, but... drumroll please... I couldn't find any scammers!  On that happy note, I'll wrap up the post for today.  See ya in Jamaa!
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  1. Same! I was planning on a "Scammer Saturday/Sunday" during my holidays, but it seems like someone else had opted the idea too!

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