Sunday, June 1, 2014

Pearl Birthstone

Hey jammers!  Happy June!
Today's new item is the pearl birthstone, marking the beginning of June!

  Now, I have seen a glitch, multiple times, where the chat history text seems to have shrunk in size.  It happens most often in dens, but seems to have been fixed.  Have you experienced this?
And, over on the Daily Explorer, we have a post about the long-awaited Summer Carnival!

  And now, to Story Sunday.  Since there have been no stories sent in, I will provide you a link to my story blog.
  That wraps up today's post!  See ya in Jamaa :)
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  1. I love Pearls! My birthstone is a Diamond, which I like much better :3

    1. Mine is an opal, hence the name of this blog :P I'm not sure which I like better, pearls or diamonds... I have to ponder that now...