Friday, June 6, 2014

Vine Lamp

Hey jammers!  Today's new item is the vine lamp!
This ongoing nature theme could make quite a pretty den!
Now, I was in Epic Wonders, when I spotted a snow leopard sitting on the wall!  Now, I know you're probably thinking of the game glitch, but it wasn't that.  He turned into an eagle, flew onto the wall, then turned into a snow leopard.  Before the change was complete, he was able to slide onto the wall.  It didn't work for me, and before I could get a screenshot, it stopped working for him too, but why don't you try?  Let me know how it goes!
And, over on the Daily Explorer, Liza has the hummingbird Jammer Snaps winners!  Congratulations, everyone!
That's all for today jammers!  See ya in Jamaa!


  1. I'm glad to see more blooggers/jammers open to their blogs. It's really sad to see them stop writing...

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  2. Rainbow Pegasus is right. It's sad to see Bloggers leave. :(