Monday, May 26, 2014

Rare Moustache

Hey jammers!
Today's rare Monday item is the rare moustache!
I believe this has been previewed in the adventures, with credit to Snowyclaw's blog, The Animal Jam Spirit.
And, speaking of the adventures, I had forgotten to mention that, a week ago, I was playing the adventures for the second time in a row with a friend, and when we clicked on things, it had a delayed reaction!  It happened to both of us, and it kept going on and off at the same time!  Has this happened to anyone else?
And, over on the Daily Explorer, we have a post about the RIM and.... emperor tamarins?  Be sure to check it out!  
In addition, AJHQ seems to be having more trouble with grammar.
And I shall wrap up today's post with the leaving item, found in Jam Mart Furniture.  It is... the star rug!
Fare thee well, star rug, and shall we meet again.  Well, that's all for now, jammers!  See ya in Jamaa!

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