Sunday, April 20, 2014

Cherry Blossom Tree

Hey jammers!  Happy Easter, to those of you who celebrate it!
Today's new item is the cherry blossom tree, sold in Epic Wonders!
I must say, this item is beautiful!  I'll certainly be buying one for my den!

And speaking of Easter, an odd glitch has been occurring with the Easter egg hunt.  Some jammers don't receive their eggs!  I learned this when my buddy and I were having a friendly competition, trying to see who got their egg first.  I found all the eggs, but still didn't get mine!  A solution is to use your storage - however, that doesn't work anymore, as nonmembers can't send gifts!
And now, I'll hand it over to AJHQ, here to tell you about Earth Day!
And now, let's wrap it up with the item leaving.  Skis, found in Jam Mart Furniture, will soon be gone, so be sure to buy a pair!
See you in Jamaa!

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