Thursday, April 17, 2014

Porch Swing

Hey jammers!  Today's new item is the porch swing, I believe.  However, AJHQ seems to have forgotten the new item sign!
It looks so peaceful!  I really like this item, especially the vines.  They give it such a naturistic look!
Now, on to the update!  First of all... giraffes are back!  These animals are sadly members only again :(
The next page seems to reveal a new animal... what do you think it could be?  A spotted hyena?  That's all I can think of, what about you?
Ooh... Phantom armor!  I'm definitely going to try to get that!  How do you like the ghostly addition to our collection of armor?

Sorry, this post needs to be cut short.  See you in Jamaa!

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