Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Hey jammers!  Today's new item, going along with the star pillow, is the heart pillow!

Over on the Daily Explorer, we have some awesome jammer art:
And here's today's prompt for Artist's Wednesday:  
At the most northern point of Jamaa Township, we find Mira's ruined temple.  Who destroyed this temple?  What was the temple's purpose anyway?  Did this just happen, or has it been ruined for ages?  Why would anyone want to destroy the statue anyway?  
My favorite art/poem/story/response shall win a small rare!
And now, leaving stores is the pottery wheel!

That's all for now jammers!


  1. I had this up for Scooter's (AJSB) contest...

    Apparently, I learned he doesn't like the idea of "The Temple of Mira". Mira is great, right? I can't believe he didn't like it. He announced some forest as a winner. I mean, come on! Mira as a super-hero action-figure with some strange-o powers? Mira is way more than that.

    Is it me or people don't like Mira anymore?

    1. I KNOW!

      I didn't win the AJHQ Design-Your-Own-Accessory contest with my Mira Necklace! Maybe members have more chance of winning...