Sunday, July 20, 2014

Stegosaurus Tail

Hey jammers!  Sorry about the new item yesterday, I completely forgot about the Summer Carnival!
Well, today's and yesterday's new items are the stegosaurus tail and the stegosaurus armor, respectively.
These items can help you to dress up like a dinosaur!  Which animal and items do you think lend themselves best to the dinosaur theme?  Send in an dinosaur outfit idea and it could be featured on this blog!
Now, on to other things.  Many of you may have noticed that AJHQ has stopped jammers from being able to climb the tree in Appondale.  But now, on a recent development, climbing is now permitted again!
What do you like to do in the tree of Appondale?  Jammer-watch?  Advertise parties?  
And over on the Daily Explorer, we have a post about our little Jamaalidays-in-July parties!
That's all for now jammers.  See you in Jamaa!

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